Customized Market Research & Analytics

Evidence-based support for commercial decision-making

The market research practice delivers a complete portfolio of evidence-based support for commercial decision-making, from early product planning through post-launch performance monitoring. Working hand-in-hand across marketing sciences, forecasting, sales force effectiveness, and data management practices, we can help you develop integrated analytic solutions that address your needs — comprehensively, efficiently, and effectively.

Commercial Intelligence Architecture

THE CHALLENGE: Insights from individual market research studies can provide guidance for discrete commercial decisions. But effective, evidence-based guidance for commercial success across the product lifecycle requires an integrated framework for assembling key market learnings and socializing new insights. The KMK Commercial Intelligence Architecture is our answer to this critical business challenge.

Market Map

  • Defines the market and competition and sizes key market segments
  • Identifies opportunities for sequenced growth
  • Feeds forecast and frames key assumptions

Patient Flow

  • Identifies patient pathways across pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, treatment, fulfillment, and adherence
  • Quantifies patient flows and chronology between pathway events
  • Generates leverage points which determine behavioral objectives for market interventions

Patient Journey

  • Captures the cognitive and emotional journey of the patient in the context of health related events and interactions
  • Identifies unmet patients needs, pain points and opportunities to improve patient outcomes
  • Generates critical insights to guide patient and healthcare professional directed messaging

Stakeholder 360

  • Makes sense of today’s multi-stakeholder environment by mapping critical dependencies
  • Identifies tangible and intangible behavioral incentives which can inhibit or speed market uptake
  • Identifies perceptual gaps between stakeholders

Strategy Driver

  • Takes the output of Market Map, Patient Flow, Patient Journey and Stakeholder 360 to itemize, quantify and prioritize the key drivers of the product/brand strategy
  • Generates list of key success factors for managerial focus

CIA Dashboard

  • Tailored performance dashboard tied to forecast assumptions and Strategy Driver key success factors.
  • Integrates primary and secondary data inputs
  • Rapid refresh for near real-time tracking of performance

Market Research Forensics Frameworking

THE CHALLENGE: Patients sometimes seek second opinions. Where do marketers go when they need a second opinion on how their existing research can actually be used, interpreted, or revised and optimized moving forward? KMK offers a cost-effective consulting capability, KMK Market Research Forensics and Frameworking, to help biopharma clients better understand the market intelligence they have and the market intelligence they still need.


Understand current mental models of the market and key strategic issues


Research and data discovery to inventory and assess existing sources of market insight


Re-analyze data and studies, organize into insight driving framework


Drive consensus around new mental model of the market and implications for strategic choices


Take actions, monitor and evaluate success within new framework