Company’s First Product is an Innovative Simulation Platform for the Healthcare Market Research Industry

MORRISTOWN, NJ, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2016 — Leading US commercial analytics and operations firm KMK Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of a new, independent subsidiary, InTask, Inc., which will provide innovative simulation platforms for use in healthcare market research. The company’s first software platform, InTask™, targeted at healthcare professionals, is now available for commercial applications.

The simulation technology built into the InTaskTM platform offers an engaging, innovative tool for market research companies that overcomes many of the limitations of current survey methodologies. Rather than asking physicians about what they do, InTaskTM presents physicians with virtual patients, allowing researchers to observe how they diagnose and treat. Since all actions taken in the dynamic digital simulation environment are captured, InTaskTM also reveals physician decision-making processes, as captured in the virtual patient information accessed and diagnostic tests ordered.

According to KMK President Michael Karbachinskiy, “InTaskTM is a unique simulation software platform that promises better insights into physician decision-making in many market research applications—both quantitative and qualitative. By making the InTaskTM simulation platform available to all healthcare market research agencies through a software as a service business model, we hope to speed its adoption as a preferred survey technology in healthcare market research and beyond.”

Karbachinskiy has named Greg Chu, former head of KMK Market Research, as Chief Operating Officer of InTask Inc. With more than 20 years’ experience in market research and business analytics, Chu is known for delivering innovative and compelling research solutions to healthcare clients across a wide range of brand and commercial issues.  His career spans both client and agency, global and US, having led market research and analytics departments at Merck & Co., Forest Labs, Novartis, Synovate Healthcare and Ipsos Healthcare.

Most recently he headed up the healthcare market research practice at KMK Consulting and led the development of the InTaskTM simulation technology. Karbachinskiy is confident that Chu will grow the innovative subsidiary quickly with its offerings of custom software solutions that address some of the most difficult challenges faced in healthcare market research.

Subhra Ghosh will join KMK Consulting as Head of Market Research. Ghosh brings more than 25 years of experience leading high-performance market research teams on behalf of healthcare clients. She will continue to build on KMK’s reputation as a leader in integrated research and market analytics solutions.

About KMK Consulting Inc.

KMK Consulting, Inc. is a leader in providing innovative, client-centered business analytics and operations consulting to the life science and healthcare industries.

About InTask Inc.

InTask Inc. develops and brings to market innovative market research software that delivers deep insights into physician decision-making and behavior.  Its initial product, InTask™, overcomes many of the limitations of current survey methodologies through its unique and engaging simulation environment while enabling new solutions to some of the industry’s most difficult research problems.

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