Using Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning to Stay Ahead of the Game

In the latest issue of PM360, KMK President Michael Karbachinskiy Weighs in on the Use of AI and Machine Learning in Pharmaceutical Sales:

The best use case we have found for predictive analytics is in helping to improve pharmaceutical sales force effectiveness and to bolster the activities of sales reps by using data-driven insights. While predictive analytics is widely used to estimate the number of calls to be delivered and several other tasks, AI is still very new on the commercial side. But one application we have found to be good use of AI/ML is for the rep’s next-best-behavior to be calculated and communicated constantly in real time.

When sales reps are operating in territories under similar conditions (the same quality of targets, managed care, etc.), but performing differently, AI-powered predictive analytics can provide clues on how to improve sales behavior.

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