To improve decision-making and eliminate waste, every healthcare decision should be informed by the best scientific research derived from rigorous, proven methodologies

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In today’s healthcare landscape, demonstrating the value of treatment plays a critical role in a drug’s approval and reimbursement. By analyzing the economics of a particular treatment we can help prove a drug’s efficacy to benefit the patient, as well as your bottom line.

Real-World Evidence plays a significant role in how the pharmaceutical industry brings a brand to market. It can be used in assisting clinical trial designs, reviewing pricing structure and marketing strategy, understanding competitive threats and even determining new formulations, to name a few. Data should be strictly selected, validated and standardized before it can be analyzed. HEOR helps the pharmaceutical industry provide better healthcare services to address the needs of patients.

advanced statistical programming

advanced statistical programming


  • Estimate size of disease population, prevalence and incidence rate
  • Patient characteristics (age, gender, geographic region, insurance, comorbidities, commonly used treatment)
  • Market profile

Burden of Illness

  • Health care resource utilization (HCRU) – hospitalization, emergency room (ER) visits, office visits, specific treatment procedures and lab tests
  • Direct medical and pharmacy cost
  • Indirect cost due to loss of productivity

Medication Utilization

  • Medication adherence and persistence
  • Treatment switch patterns
  • Line of therapy
  • Dosing analysis
  • Prescribing behavior

Comparative Effectiveness

  • Treatment effects comparison


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