Pharma-ready, Cloud-based Sales Reporting – Fewer Reports, More Insights.

10 business days to implement Quick, Simple & Relevant Sales Reporting

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Make the most informed business decisions

We provide technology-driven solutions that encompass a variety of proprietary applications, tools, and methodologies to gather and analyze data that helps improve our customers’ sales performance, increase revenue, gain a competitive advantage, and grow their business.

From a complete set of Incentive Compensation tools to a simple-to-use Sales Reporting platform, we provide comprehensive, customized solutions that help our clients make the most informed business decisions and track them over time.

There isn’t one size fits all when it comes to developing a sales operations platform.   Our approach is more of an iterative process to empower users to provide feedback on the core foundation to build an optimal solution that works for everyone.   Why wait months to receive something that might not work. Our solution provides flexibility and scalability to implement your feedback in a timely manner in order to keep pace with rapid changes in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Data Services

Vendor Management

  • Identification of data vendors and requirements
  • Ongoing communication with key stakeholders
  • Operationalize data requirements
  • Evaluate KPI’s and ongoing vendor management

Data Management

  • Centralization of data sources under one structure
  • Data structure optimized for data analytics
  • Flexible, scalable to keep up with business needs
  • Virtual environment to promote cost savings

Data Integration

  • Integrated with sales force automation (SFA) systems via VEEVA, MI touch, Salesforce
  • Integrate with analytical tools
  • Integrate with internal systems

Sales Reporting Software: BiT

The BiT tool is a simple-to-use, cloud-based pharma-ready sales reporting tool that reflects all key sales performance drivers. This technology was truly built with the user in mind as our interactive approach empowers the user to provide feedback on the core foundation. With the BiT, we can reduce development time by 80% and provide an optimal solution for your company within 10 days of receiving data.


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The BiT tool enables informed decision making by having the right information at the right time:

  • Spreadsheets and dashboards for quick insights rapidly identify trends in performance
  • Querying tool for deeper data mining eliminates the need for ad-hoc reports
  • Flexibility and scalability to include additional data sources
  • Consistency and enhanced communication across all levels of sales
  • Fully Integrated Sales Ops solution – Incentive Compensation, Sales Reporting, Call Planning Tools

BIT usability makes it “a powerful yet simple tool”