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Tableau and Qlik Reports

Our library of pre-built BI templates supporting both retail and non-retail commercial products will assist executive staff and management in evaluating sales performance by quickly identifying opportunities and threats, and assisting in the development of quality business plans to optimize the management and growth of their business.

Rx Infographics: Visualizing KPIs on a map with direct linkage to charting various metrics

Geographic Dashboard: Visualizing KPIs and opportunities by analyzing preferred market and product formulary volume

Channel Dynamics: Tracking inventory, purchases, and dispenses on Wholesaler and Specialty Pharmacy

Patient Summary: Tracking patient journey from Enrollment, Benefit Verification, Triage, to Shipment

Product Performance: Tracking patient summary, shipment summary, market share, and customer retention

Payer Mix: Tracking summary of patient status by geography and through payer mix down to individual payer level

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Our Services

Our customer engagements vary depending on the customer.  We are designed for Pharma to the scale they operate and rapid changes that occur in the industry.

We believe there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to deploying a successful BI solution. Our approach is more of an agile process which enables users the ability to provide feedback on the core and implement changes quickly in order to build an optimal solution that works for everyone.   Why wait months to receive something that might not work. Our standard solutions will be deployed in weeks and will provide flexibility and scalability to implement client feedback in a timely manner in order to keep with the rapid change of business.

By leveraging our comprehensive library of dashboard templates, we can have our customers up and running within 15 business days of receiving data.

Whether it’s related to Tableau or Qlik implementations, data visualization, ad-hoc requests, report and dashboard creation, reporting training, and/or project management, we can quickly staff client needs.  We work through our on-site client-facing support model along with our global delivery network to provide high quality and cost effectiveness to our customers.

Our Difference

By combining our extensive experience in Pharma Commercial data with innovative technology, we’re able to provide our customers a complete end-to-end high quality and flexible solution from data ingestion to creating and maintaining insightful dashboards.

Either through custom or our pre-built BI templates, our experts are well equipped to partner with our customers to assess, design, and implement the most efficient and cost effective solution possible.


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Why KMK?

We pride ourselves in solving unmet needs and working with our clients to successfully implement the right solution. We have 15+ years’ experience in designing and configuring software solutions for Pharma and have extensive experience leveraging 3rd party Business Intelligence platforms:

Tableau and Qlik

We are passionate and driven to constantly innovate and we challenge ourselves to provide services that impact efficiency, effectiveness, and cost.

Our goal is to be your TRUSTED partner.