Drive commercial operations insight and strategy through deeper analytics

Running a profitable business depends on data analytics to create and optimize brand messaging and allocation of resources in order to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and business outcomes. With nearly twenty years of marketing science experience, KMK’s insights help customers achieve commercial excellence.


KMK forecasting expertise focuses upon four key elements:


We work closely with client brand experts on key assumptions to ensure quality and fully incorporate clients’ in-depth knowledge of the market.


Drawing on our extensive knowledge and industry experience, we investigate and research specific brands and markets.


We adapt to use the most applicable forecasting model, such as TRx or dollar-based. We have the parameterized ability to vary key assumptions “on the fly” and observe sensitivity.

Range Forecasting

Forecasting output reflects different levels of confidence, thus giving our clients the freedom to choose based on latest market conditions. We make sure our clients gain in-depth understanding of the final deliverable.

Message Analytics

KMK message analytics, based upon usage and effectiveness data available, help to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and your business outcome.

  • KPI reporting for marketing & sales insight
  • Correlation between sales and satisfaction; sales and content
  • Message Optimization
    Driving depth to increase satisfaction and sales
    Differential messaging by specialty
    Personalized messaging to the individual doctor
  • “Next Best Call” recommendations
  • Multi-channel use for message optimization


KMK ROI analyses produce a thorough understanding of promotion performance, providing commercial leadership with information to make resource allocation decisions. KMK conducts ROI analyses with the goal of increasing your business profit.

KMK’s ROI analyses factor in:

  • Promotion response modeling
  • Carry over analysis
  • Other key determining factors

Advanced Statistical Programming in support of HEOR/RWE


  • Estimate size of disease population, prevalence and incidence rate
  • Patient characteristics (age, gender, geographic region, insurance, comorbidities, commonly used treatment)
  • Market profile

Burden of Illness

  • Health care resource utilization (HCRU) – hospitalization, emergency room (ER) visits, office visits, specific treatment procedures and lab tests
  • Direct medical and pharmacy cost
  • Indirect cost due to loss of productivity

Medication Utilization

  • Medication adherence and persistence
  • Treatment switch pattern
  • Line of therapy
  • Dosing analysis
  • Prescribing behavior

Comparative Effectiveness

  • Treatment effects comparison