About Us

KMK Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2000 with a mission to make analytics accessible. By closing the gap between technology and analytics, KMK helps life sciences companies do what they do best: focus on patients.

Our analytic teams work on- or off-site to deliver customizable software and consulting services across commercial operations in the areas of:

  • advanced analytics
  • market research
  • health economics and outcomes research
  • sales force effectiveness
  • data services

As a one-stop shop for commercial operations support, KMK turns complex data into actionable human decisions and real-world business solutions. With offices in Morristown, NJ, Cambridge, MA, Gujurat, India, and Dalian, China, KMK carries a reputation of quality and reliability that extends throughout its 160+ person organization and company culture.

Vision & Values

Being good at what you do is empowering. Being the best is even better. We strive to provide “best-in-class” innovative and custom solutions in order to become the go-to commercial operations support provider for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, and life sciences industries.

Success in our business depends on building strong relationships and a team of employees with the ambition to succeed. We value diversity, personal accountability and achievement, innovation and creativity, integrity, and a commitment to quality and to customers.

At KMK, we care about our employees and focus on creating a culture based on these key values and behaviors.


Michael Karbachinskiy, President

Michael is President and founder of KMK Consulting, Inc. Michael is an expert in targeting, promotional evaluation, and technology and data warehouse design. He has been an instrumental force in designing and executing the Novartis Marketing Science data warehouse structure, campaign ROI evaluation, and overall analytics support. Previously, Michael was in charge of statistical development programming at AT&T and was responsible for setting up financial and marketing programming design and evaluation for credit card portfolios for several large banks.

KMK Cares

At KMK, we promote a culture of caring for our community and giving back. We strive to help the underprivileged in our area by volunteering at Habitat For Humanity and Market Street Mission.

Employee Life

At KMK, we make balancing work and life a priority. We take care of our employees and consider all to be part of the KMK family, which continues to grow and strengthen. While we expect and emphasize hard work, we make sure we take time to play too!

KMK Staff

Values and Behaviors

  • Creativity
  • Opportunities / Improvements
  • Change / Flexibility
  • Value Customers
  • Anticipates Needs
  • Quality / Timeliness
  • Strives for Excellence
  • Self-improvement
  • Open Communication
  • Motivation
  • Recognition
  • Team Work
  • Ethics
  • Trust / Respect
  • Handling Difficult Situations